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Sync With Mailchimp

You are a busy agent and you like to communicate with your network. Reach allows you to send all, or a part, of your Contacts to a Mailchimp Audience. Want to sync all your Clients tagged with "xmas2021" for this year's newsletter? Reach makes this simple.


Syncing with Mailchimp requires you to have a Mailchimp API Key. If you do not have a key or it is not stored in Reach, refer to the Get a Mailchimp API Key instructions to get your API key.


Syncing Reach Contacts with Mailchimp requires the Reach Contact to have an email address. Contacts without emails configured cannot be synced with Mailchimp.

Syncing your Contacts with Mailchimp is a process that must be manually invoked; Reach does not automatically sync your Contacts with Mailchimp. Follow the instructions below to sync your Contacts with Mailchimp

Step 1: Select Contacts

This first step of syncing your Contacts with Mailchimp is deciding which Contacts to sync!

  1. In the sidebar, click on Contacts
  2. Select the Contacts that you wish to sync with Mailchimp by clicking on the checkboxes (use the search bar to quickly filter Contacts)
  3. Click on the Sync With Mailchimp button
  4. Click the Continue button


Reach now reviews your selection. Reach will warn you if any of your Contacts cannot be synced with Mailchimp for the following reasons:

  • If a Contact does not have an email address
  • Or if a Contact shares their email address with another selected Contact (Mailchimp requires each Contact to have a unique email address)

At this point, you can continue the sync process by clicking Next (Reach will ignore the invalid Contacts), or you can click on Change Selection to refine your selected Contacts.


Step 2: API Key

  1. Enter your Mailchimp API Key
    • If you have stored your Mailchimp API Key in the Reach Settings, the API Key and Audience fields should be automatically selected
  2. Select the correct destination Mailchimp Audience for your selected Contacts
  3. Click Next

In Settings you can save the API key so that you have it enter it every time. Click Settings, then select Integrations.


Step 3: Review

The third step is for Reach to review your selected Contacts and compare them to the members you already have in your Mailchimp Audience. It does this comparison by using email addresses. Reach will not attempt to send a Reach Contact to Mailchimp if the Contact's email address is already in the Audience; Reach will only send new Contacts to Mailchimp.

Once you are happy with the Contacts that will be sent to Mailchimp, click on the Sync button.


Only a Contact's email address and name are sent to Mailchimp

Step 4: Sync

Reach will now attempt to add your selected Contacts to your Mailchimp Audience. Once the operation completes, you will see a message in the dialog.

Congratulations! Your Contacts should now be in your Mailchimp Audience!