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Send Email (BETA)

📽 VIDEO: Sending Mass Email

Sending Mass Emails currently has a limitation of sending to 50 recipients at once.

In Reach you can send out individual emails to a group of clients or agents en masse. These emails can be composed directly at the time of sending, or can be based off a template that you have previously configured.


Reach does NOT send out a single email that is BCC'ed to all recipients. It sends out MULTIPLE emails, one for each recipient.

Composing an Email

When composing an email in Reach, you will be sending out emails from the email address you have used to sign in to Reach.


If you are signed in with an Admin account, regardless of whether you are "Acting As" another team member, you still send emails out as yourself.

The first step of composing an email is to select your recipients.

  1. In the sidebar, click on Contacts
  2. Optionally apply a filter to find the clients or agents you want to send an email to
  3. Use the checkboxes to make a selection of multiple contacts
  4. Click on the Send Email button that appears
  5. Grant Reach access to send emails on your behalf if you have not previously granted this permission


Step 1: Review Contacts

This step allows you to review the contacts that have been selected. Any errors will be displayed and prevent you from advancing to the next step. For example, selecting more than the allowed number of recipients, or selecting a contact that does not have an email address.

  1. If applicable, decide if you wish to send a single email to the primary contact of each group, or emails to each member within each group
  2. If applicable, add any missing emails using Review and Fix
  3. If there are still errors, select the checkbox to ignore the invalid contacts

Once you have resolved all errors (or decided to ignore the contacts that don't have email addresses), you can advance to step 2.

Step 2: Compose

Now that you have selected your recipients, the next step is to compose your email.

  1. Optionally select a pre-configured Template - Learn how to configure templates
  2. Specify the Subject of your email
  3. Write the body of the email. Formatting options of bold, italic, and underline are available.
  4. Use the Insert button to insert a placeholder for the recipient's first or last name
  5. Optionally use a pre-configured signature - Learn how to configure signatures

Once you have composed your email, it is now time to preview how it will look!

Step 3: Preview

Because Reach will send out multiple emails, one to each recipient, it is important to preview how the email will appear. For emails that are sent to the primary contact of the group, the "To" field of the email is addressed to the name of the group. For example: "The Smiths \[\](".


To change the name or the email that appears in the "From" field, go to Settings -> My Account to change your settings.

  1. Use the '<' and '>' icons to cycle through the emails
  2. Observe the "To" field is correct (this is how it will appear to the recipient)
  3. Observe that the "First Name" and "Last Name" placeholders have been replaced with the actual first name and last name of the recipient.
  4. If applicable, verify your signature is correct

Once you are happy with the preview, click on Send


Step 4: Results

Because Reach sends out email from your email address (rather than Mailchimp or another 3rd party service), all sent emails will be viewable in your email client's "Sent" folder.

If there are no errors, a simple success message will be shown and you are done! As a helpful reminder, Touchpoints are automatically created for each recipient with the subject of the email as the Touchpoint title.

If there are errors, the dialog will display a list of email addresses that were successful and a list of emails that failed along with any detailed information about the type of error. The error message may include instructional information for you to try again.