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Add Important Dates

Important dates are dates that you can associate to a Client. Dates such as birthdays, home buying anniversaries, kids birthdays, etc. These dates will show up in your Calendar and remind you to reach out to your Client.

Important Dates will automatically appear as an All-Day Event in your Reach calendar; recurring Important Dates (e.g. birthdays) will appear ever year.


  1. In the sidebar, click on Contacts
  2. Click the Client you would like to set an Important Date for
  3. Scroll to the Activity Card at the bottom and select the tab Important Dates
  4. Click Add Important Date
  5. Enter the Title of your Important Date
  6. Enter the Date
  7. Check Annual if you want this event to repeat in the future, annually.

If you have set a Client's Birthday field with a value, this will automatically appear as an Important Date

You're set. No more forgetting birthdays.