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The Reach Calendar shows all of your upcoming Events, Task due dates, and Client's Important Dates. The Calendar page shows the main Calendar, an Activity Card for the selected day, as well as a Calendars List where you can toggle additional calendars on (including team members).

Changing the Calendar View

The Calendar can be viewed in Month, Week, or Day mode.

  1. In the sidebar, click on Calendar
  2. In the top right corner, click the Day/Week/Month drop down to change the selected view


Your selection is remembered on the computer so the next time you launch Reach, the Calendar mode is already set to what it was previously.


Switching the Calendar mode is only available on Desktop (not on Mobile)

Changing Selected Calendars

Reach provides the ability to toggle the visibility of specific Calendars.

  1. In the sidebar, click on Calendar
  2. On the left hand side, find the Calendars section
  3. Toggle the visibility of your calendars


All Reach users will have an "Events", "Delegated Events", "Tasks", and "Important Dates" calendars that allow you to view these specific Reach items separately. If you are on a team, then you may see your teammate's calendars for Events, Delegated Events, and Important Dates they have shared with you.

Your selection of visible calendars is remembered on the device so the next time you launch Reach, the same calendars as before are visible.

Events and Delegated Events

Events and Delegated Events are separated so that calendar availability can be more easily determined. If you want to see when you or a teammate is busy, make sure you have the "Events" calendar turned on and the "Delegated Events" calendar turned off.

The Events calendar shows the following:

  • Events that have been Delegated to the user
  • Events where the user is listed as an Attendee
  • Events owned by the user that have not been delegated to another user

The Delegated Events calendar shows the following

  • Events owned by the user that have been delegated to another user

Calendar Integration

Because Reach integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, all of your external calendars are displayed in Reach for convenience. This allows you to view your other calendars' events without having to leave Reach.



Reach does not create or store a copy of any of your Google Calendar / Microsoft Outlook Events except for the Events in the configured synced calendar.

Your external calendars are shown in the Calendars tab.

Linked Calendars

If you or your team members have configured a Reach to sync with a Google or Microsoft Calendar, a Reach Calendar and a Google / Outlook Calendar in the Calendars tab will be linked (see above Selected Calendars)- they are the same colour, toggling one automatically toggles the other, and a logo is shown to signify that the calendar is linked.

Activity List

The Activity List shows you the activity of the selected day. It is separated into Events, Tasks or Subtasks that are due on that day, and any Important Dates for your Clients. To view the Activity List, follow the steps below:

  1. In the sidebar, click on Calendar
  2. Expand the left panel if it is collapsed
  3. Click on the Activity: "Date" tab