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Add a Listing

Create a Listing from a Seller Lead

  1. In the sidebar, click on Leads
  2. Select the Lead
  3. Click Create Listing
    • The Edit Listing page that appears will be pre-populated with the Property Info of the Seller. If the Seller has no Property Info, then a blank "Add Listing" form is shown. Note that although a Seller can have multiple addresses (e.g. multiple investment properties), they can only have Property Info for a single address.


  1. Fill out the Listing information
  2. Click Save

Create a Listing from Scratch

  1. In the sidebar, click on Listings
  2. Click the + Add button
  3. Fill out all the Listing information
  4. Make sure that the Listing is associated with a Client
  5. Click Save


Your Listing now appears in the Listings area of Reach, you can begin booking showings and doing what you do best, Selling!


When a Transaction is closed, the "Seller" status of the Lead is removed.