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Intro to Leads

Leads are the Clients you are working with on a daily basis, the people you need to stay on top of to get your deals across the finish line.

Organize your Leads into Hot, Warm, and Cold to help prioritize them so you can focus on those that are most important. Your Leads are automatically sorted into the Leads you need to contact first.


The length of time is different for Hot, Warm, and Cold Leads and fully customizable in Settings.


Touchpoints are connections you've made over the lifetime of a Client. It's a convenient way to track your interactions (Call, Email, Text, etc) over the history of the Client.


It's also a great reminder if you can't remember the last time you've spoken to your Client. Simply navigate to the Client's details and scroll down to the Activity Card at the bottom to view your Touchpoints.


If you “action” a lead or contact from your computer (click email address) or from your mobile device (click their phone number to text, call or email) Reach will automatically prompt you to input a Touchpoint.