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Transition to Accepted Offer

Congrats, your buyer has an accepted offer. You now need to create a Transaction from this buyer Lead.

  1. In the sidebar, click on Leads
  2. Select the buyer Lead that just got an accepted offer
  3. When the Lead details open up, click the Accepted Offer button in the Search Criteria area.
    • If you don't see this button, your Lead might not be set as a Buyer. Try editing the Lead and mark them as a Buyer. Click "save" and click on Accepted Offer as described above


  1. The Add Transaction page will now prompt you to input the information about the accepted offer. The dates in the form are important as they will appear in your calendar.
  2. Optionally add any Task Templates for this Transaction.
  3. Click Save

In addition to seeing your new Transaction in the Transaction section, your Client is now shown differently in the Leads table. This indicates (and separates) active Leads from Leads that currently have a pending Transaction. You can control this by clicking Filter and selecting how you want Leads to be treated, once they have a pending transaction.



Once the Transaction completes, the "Buyer" status is removed from the Lead