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Email Settings

📽 VIDEO: Sending Mass Email

Sending Mass Emails currently has a limitation of sending to 50 recipients at once.

When sending emails out to your contacts, you will probably send out the same kind of email to multiple contacts (e.g. a Happy Birthday Email) or you always wish to append your business signature. You can configure Signatures and Templates to always be available for each email you compose so that your composition process is quick and simple.

Email Signatures

Reach allows you to configure many email signatures so that at the time of composition, you can decide which signature to append. Reach also allows you to use your existing Google Mail or Outlook signatures.

  1. In the sidebar, click on Settings and then Email Settings
  2. Click on Add Signature
  3. You can type a simple signature into the box, or you can copy and paste an existing signature from your email client.



Need help finding your existing signature? Follow these instructions on how to edit a signature and simply copy the contents of your current signature: Instructions for Gmail or Instructions for Outlook

  1. Optionally make additional signatures.
  2. Click Save

Email Templates

Configuring Email templates is beneficial when you routinely send the same email to multiple people. For example, you may want to send out a "get together for coffee" email to all your Cold Buyer Leads.

  1. In the sidebar, click on Settings and then Email Settings
  2. Click on Add Template


  1. Specify the Subject of your email
  2. Write the body of the email. Formatting options of bold, italic, and underline are available.
  3. Use the Insert button to insert a placeholder for the recipient's first or last name Image
  4. Optionally select a pre-configured signature
  5. Click Save

With multiple email templates, you can quickly send out personalized emails to your contacts!


Learn more by reading the Send Email Documentation