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Completing Tasks

You have created a bunch of Tasks in Reach and they have been helping you get organized. Great! Now, that you have finished these tasks, it is time to mark them as complete within Reach.

Both Tasks and individual Subtasks can be completed. If a Task does not have any Subtasks, then the Task appears with a checkbox that can be checked to mark the Task as complete. If a Task has Subtasks, the Task itself is only implicitly complete once all of its Subtasks are complete. Therefore, Tasks with Subtasks don't have checkboxes to mark them complete but each of its Subtasks can be individually marked as complete.


Completing Tasks and Subtasks

Anywhere that a Task or Subtask appears, you can complete it:

  1. The Tasks page
  2. The Activity Card of the Task's associated Client, Listing, or Transaction
  3. The Activity Card in the Calendar for any Tasks and Subtasks with due dates

Simply select the checkbox to mark the Task or Subtask as complete.


You can control whether completed Tasks and Subtasks disappear from your Task View immediately or at the end of the day in Settings -> Task Settings.


For Subtasks, the Task Setting ("End of Day" or "Immediate") takes precedence over the Task View's "Hide Completed Subtasks" value.

Example: You have your Task Setting set so that completed Tasks disappear at "End of Day" and your Task View is set to "Hide Completed Subtasks". Completed subtasks will be shown until the end of the day and then they will be hidden starting the next day.

Time to get items knocked off your list!