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My Team & Permissions

In the My Team section, quickly add or remove team members, change the permissions of what your team members can do with your data, and filter out which data from your team members you don't want to see.

Team Members


Read Intro to Teams for an introduction to the concept of teams.

Paying for New Team Members

If you are a paying Reach user, you can pay for other users' accounts. Paying for a new user automatically adds them to your team.


You can only pay for new Reach users. If you wish to pay for an existing Reach user, that user must first either cancel their subscription or leave their current license.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> My Team
  2. Click the Invite Team Members button
  3. Select the radio button indicating that you will pay for the new users
  4. Enter the email addresses of the new users (these must be a Google or Microsoft email address)
  5. Decide whether you want to invite them as an Agent account (default) or as an Admin account (requires you to check Invite as Admin)
  6. Click Invite

Click the Need More? link if you need to purchase more licenses before you pay for other users.


Inviting Team Members

Inviting a Reach user to your team is done via invitation. This option allows you to invite a current Reach user (someone else paying for themselves) or someone that is new to Reach.

  1. Navigate to Settings > My Team
  2. Click the Invite Team Members button.
  3. Select the radio button indicating that you will not pay for the new users


  1. Enter the email addresses of the people you wish to invite to your team and click Invite.

In the event that the invited user is not yet a registered Reach user, the system will instead send them a registration invitation. Once registered, the new user will automatically be on your team unless "Automatic Team Joining" is turned off.

Manually Join a Team

Existing users (or new users who didn't automatically join the team) must go through the following process to join the team:

  1. The user will receive a Reach invitation email / notification.


  1. The user logs in to Reach, goes to Settings > My Team
  2. The user clicks the 3-dot menu for the row of the user that invited them


  1. The user selects Accept Invitation

Reach may send you a notification (based on your settings) that the invited user has accepted your invitation



New Team Members initially start with no permissions. Click on Set Permissions in the user's row to start assigning permissions.

Set Team Member Permissions

Just because you have decided to share some items with a team member does not mean you want to share everything. Furthermore, you may want a team member to simply view your shared Listings as a reference but you don't want them to be able to edit them. Be default, new team members are not sharing anything.

Each kind of item within Reach can have their permissions set differently. You can also set different permissions for each team member.


  1. Go to Settings -> My Team
  2. Click on the Set Permissions or Sharing link under the Status column for a specific team member
  3. Set permissions as appropriate and click Save



Giving a team member "edit" permissions allows them to archive your items in which case you may get a notification (based on your settings). Archived items can only be restored or permanently deleted by you.

In the below permission, it can be seen that the current user has decided to let this user view their items, but not let him edit or create new items. Secondly, any Transactions/Commission info and Lead Capture details have been left unchecked, meaning this user will not be able to see any of that info.


Usually, setting permissions on an entire category of item will be sufficient. However, if you need more granular permissions, click on the gear icon to set the permissions for individual items within that category. This allows you to individually set the view and edit access on a per-item basis.



For more information regarding permissions for Transaction commissions, refer to Who Sees Commissions?

Multiple Permissions

There are certain scenarios that require multiple permissions to be set in order to complete an action.

Common Examples
  1. Booking an Event associated with a Client, Listing, or Transaction. A team member must have "create" access in order to create the Event but must also have "edit" access on the item itself (i.e. the Client, Listing, or Transaction).
  2. Adding a Touchpoint for a Lead requires "create" access for Touchpoints and "edit" access on the individual Lead
  3. Removing subjects on a Transaction requires "edit" access on the Transaction as well as "create" access for events (as the possession and completion dates for a Transaction are made into Reach events)

Remove a Team Member

Sometimes you wish to no longer work with someone else. To remove that person from your team so they no longer have access to your data (and you no longer have access to theirs), follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > My Team
  2. Click the 3-dot menu for the user you want to remove
  3. Select Remove Team Member
  4. Confirm the prompt


You will no longer be sharing with this user.


When working with team members, sometimes it can be convenient to only focus on your own items instead of seeing everyone's items.

The filters can be configured in two different places:

  1. Settings > My Team and then clicking on the "gear" icon in the table header.


  1. The banner on the Tasks, Leads, Listings, Contacts, Transactions, and Calendars pages
  • "My" is everything that is owned by and delegated to you.
  • "Delegated" is everything that is owned by you but delegated to someone else.
  • "All" is everything you have permission to see (yours and your team mates')


User Color

Each team member, including yourself, has a color. This color is only for your benefit, your team members have their own colors for you and for themselves.

The colors help quickly identify the owners of events in the Reach calendar, as well as assist in showing the owners and delegates of items throughout Reach.

  1. Go to Settings -> My Team
  2. Click on the coloured circle associated with a team member
  3. Select a new color and click away to select the color