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Track Transactions

Got an accepted offer? Great! Now is when you want to be hyper-organized so that nothing falls apart. Monitor each stage of the transaction, diligently.

Keep the deals flowingEvery Agents favourite part is collecting your commission after Completion! Reach wants to make sure you have all the tools to stay on top of your transactions and keep them flowing through your pipeline smoothly.

Monitor Dates

Deal Flow

Commission Track

Monitor Dates

Deal Flow

Commission Track

Tracking every part of the sales process is important,

we make sure you don't skip any steps.

TransactionsKeep deals moving forwards
Track Transactions
Track TransactionsThe transactions table keeps your conditional, firm and completed transactions in organized sections so you can stay on top of every detail from start to finish, and sort critical-deals chronologically.

Goal Setting
Goal SettingWant to make $200,000 in GCI this year? Set that as your goal and view your progress on your commission tracking chart. You can see each individual commission and its details, your YTD commission amount, and your month by month earnings. Plan for success!

Details Matter
Details MatterThey say its all in the details! Reach understands that and makes sure that every bit of info is easy to find. From subject removal to closing dates, Agent contact info, commission amounts, notes and more. They're stored with the transaction forever.

Transaction History
Transaction HistoryAll your completed transactions will be stored for future reference. If the transaction was a listing, you can even go back to the previous listing to view all your historical activity. Also, add past transactions to existing clients when onboarding onto Reach.

A simple, yet powerful tool

for making sure your efforts are equalling rewards!

Don't just take our word for it
"I've used a number of CRM's in the past and have never renewed my subscription, until I found Reach. With key features like lead tracking, calendar updates, active/upcoming listings, transactions, and daily task reminders, you will set your mind at ease knowing Reach will keep you up to date. It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate each area. I highly recommend Reach to anyone who wants to level up their real estate career."

Kris Lazaruk

Bellevue Realty Group

Real estate is complex, we keep it simple





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