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Full Team Integration

A team is only as good as the information they have access to. Empower your team to work cohesively.

Teams Dominate.In our first few years, we learned a lot about Real Estate Teams, and what they need to thrive. Whether you're an agent with an assistant, or a Powerhouse 10-person team, we've got you covered.

Delegate Tasks

Delegate Events

Privacy Control

Delegate Tasks

Delegate Events

Privacy Control

We give teams more control over what they want to share, and how they want to share it

TeamsLet's get into the nitty-gritty
SharingAgents join teams through invitations and bring all their Reach information to the team. You decide how much or how little is shared with your team with privacy settings. Sharing has never been this easy.

PrivacyConcerned about sharing specific information with some team members? No problem - Reach uses “granular controls” to allow each team member full-control over exactly what is shared, and what is NOT shared.

DelegatingBeing on a team gives you the ability to delegate tasks, events, leads, and listings to other members. You'll be notified when you've been delegated something and they'll be notified when its completed, no more checking in required.

AssistantsEmpower your assistant with full business visibility. Assistants can “act as” agents on their team to book showings, manage clients and track events on behalf of their agents. Build powerful checklists that can be automatically assigned to your assistant's task lists.

Empower your team to grow

with easy access to information

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Don't just take our word for it
"I have tried quite a few other CRMs over the past decade and can say they were all more expensive, less user-friendly, more cumbersome and I never stuck with them. Reach is affordable and I actually want to use it."

Neal Sikkes

Stilhavn Real Estate Services

Real estate is complex, we keep it simple





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