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Listing activity all in one place.

Using a calendar to manage your listing activity is like using Excel to track your accounting... It works until it doesn't. Reach gives you everything you need to see, all in one place.

Listing powerhouseQuickly see everything you need to know about your listing, from contact info to door codes, its all in one place. Easily track all your showings, inspections, walkthroughs and more. When the perfect offer comes in, kickoff a new transaction directly from your listing.

History Tracking

Booked Events

Powerful Insights

History Tracking

Booked Events

Powerful Insights

One listing or five, Reach keeps you organized and on task!

ListingsManage your listings the right way
Book Events
Book EventsKeep a detailed history of every showing, walk through or inspection that has happened. Add Buyer agent info to any listing events so you can easily communicate important details with all interested parties. Dedicated notes to track feedback.

Listing Info
Listing InfoThere is nothing worse than standing in a house with a blaring alarm, thats a fact. Reach allows you to add formatted notes to your listing to make sure you (or your team) don't forget the small details.

Advanced InfoPackā„¢
Advanced InfoPackā„¢Easily create a custom Info Pack for every listing, that gives Buyer Agents more info then a standard MLS sheet. It includes everything from preferred Seller dates, age of the house equipment, tenancy info, document folders and so much more emailed directly to them.

Create Transactions
Create TransactionsAccepted offer? Congrats! You can kickoff the transaction process by putting in all the details of the offer and Reach will turn that listing into a transaction. You'll be able to track commissions, dates, Agent info and more.

Make your life easier

keep everything in one place, not ten

Don't just take our word for it
"Reach is by far the best CRM system on the market today! Reach helps my team and I track our current business, new and upcoming listings, stay in contact with my clients, coordinate schedules, track targets and ensure no detail is ever missed! I start and finish my day on Reach. It gives me a total overview of my day to day operations and I can already see how it is helping my business grow. I highly recommend the REACH CRM to all agents. You will see the difference right away."

DJ Denner

Angell Hasman & Associates

Real estate is complex, we keep it simple





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