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Stop losing your leads

We've all done it - Met someone at an open house, had a great conversation, misplaced their contact info, or simply forgot to call them back. That's your commission, gone to someone else.

You're in the people bizKnowing your clients and their needs is critical to your success. With organized lead tables, you'll know who is ready to buy or sell at any moment.

Organize Leads

Track Activity

Scheduled Follow-up

Organize Leads

Track Activity

Scheduled Follow-up

Tired of losing leads because of poor follow up?

LeadsBeing organized feels good
Rank Leads
Rank LeadsRank your leads by Hot, Warm, and Cold and freely move them through your pipeline. Ranking your leads gives you a snapshot of which clients are ready to put pen to paper and which clients need more nurturing.

Track Everything
Track EverythingEvery contact has an activity card that tracks all their showings, meetings, communication, and important dates. You'll never miss another home anniversary or birthday again! The best part, everything you have tracked stays with the contact forever.

Book Events
Book EventsBooking events in Reach gives you the ability to track each event to a lead. The calendar two-way syncs with Google or Outlook and automatically populates those events with Agent information for easy access when your on the go.

Follow-up Reminders
Follow-up RemindersNever forget a Lead again. With automated follow-up reminders based on their lead temperature, you'll know when its time to make a call or send an email. All of this communication tracks in the activity card for future reference.

The cost of mismanaging a lead

is astronomical

Don't just take our word for it
"Our team moved from relying on our iPhone to keep contacts, to importing, tracking and managing our entire buyer and seller database, so we can keep our clients more updated and better looked after. We close more sales now, as we never let anyone slip through our hands."

David Matiru, The Den Real Estate Group

Stilhavn Real Estate Services

Real estate is complex, we keep it simple





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